Van Issue zone tickets

Page last modified/checked: Friday, 4 October 2002
During 1968-1970, the Victorian Railways had converted four "Tait" motor cars to a double ended design by installing a small driving compartment at the opposite end of the carriage. This was done specifically to allow one car operation of the lightly loaded Sunday shuttle services between Camberwell and Alamein, and Eltham and Hurstbridge. Similar arrangements between Newport and Altona were replaced by a bus on the eve of the three zone fare structure in October 1981; but the Werribee railmotor was a contender and is discussed shortly. Returning to the electric services, a small lift window was installed in the bulkhead wall of the existing crew compartment to allow the Guard to sell tickets. On these services, all but the safeworking stations - Ashburton and Hurstbridge, were unmanned on Sundays. A portable ticket cabinet was supplied by Camberwell and Eltham (both of whom also did the accounting) and contained a dating press, cash box, fare table and a hand dater for weeklies.

Werribee services

Prior to the Werribee electrification in November 1983, many services were operated by a "DERM" or "DRC" shuttle to Newport. On Sundays, the Guard/luggage compartment held a portable ticket cabinet supplied by Newport. Zone tickets were issued on this service but from the examples shown here, their wording/format was a little more standardised than their electric counterparts.

After their introduction, Rail+Two tickets were issued on all the services discussed here, so too were printed family tickets. It is likely pads of weekly Travelcards were also later supplied.