Points to Highlight

Page last modified/checked: Friday, 4 October 2002

There are three points about the new zone system that we feel are better understood if highlighted first and seperately. This avoids detailing them again while reviewing the zone system.

  1. There was no price rise during the currency of the zone system which has allowed us to include the fare for most of the tickets shown herein. It also means that the initial staff and pulic literature describing the system did not have to be re-issued, only updated.
  2. This system introduced the term "Concession" which replaced the previously seperate identifications of "Pensioner" and "Child under 15 years". This new term could be more universally applied to other people who, later, were also entitled to reduced fare travel.
  3. Stations held a full set of all zone combinations for Rail Single, Rail Off Peak and Daily Travelcard. This permitted any request for an extension of travel on an existing ticket to be easily met. Stations could also use their Rail+Two and Rail+FOUR tickets in the same way by endorsing the rear "XS" on singles and "XR" on returns.