The 1980 MetroCards

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The MetroCard was a direct replacement for the adult Passmaster ticket which it superceded from the 3rd August 1980. Unlike the former, MetroCard was offered at a graduated fare scale covering three distance based areas; viz - "Central", "Suburban" and "Outer". They allowed unlimited daily rail and MMTB travel within these set boundaries. The Victorian Railways sold all three tickets, but MMTB bus drivers and tram conductors held only the Central and Suburban issues as none of their services ran into the "outer" perimeter. The cards were supplied in pads of 10, and were date nipped when issued by the MMTB or Vicrail buses, and hand stamped with the date and station stamp when issued by the Victorian Railways. The MetroCards were supplied in two distinct print runs, each with provision for sale over an eight month period which commenced in July for the first print run and March for the second. The choice and grouping of these months over the two series offered some speculation. Perhaps MetroCard was originally slated for release in July 1980? Was it also a coincidence that the second print run ran until October 1981, the same month in which they were eventually replaced by the new zone based fare system?

VicRail and MMTB Fares Booklets



MetroCard OUTER

MetroCard OFF-PEAK

There are two other tickets that should be reviewed here to give a complete picture of the choices of multi-modal tickets available to the public during this period. These comprise:

Bus Issue MetroCard OFF-PEAK

MMTB Daytripper Ticket

1969 to 1981