The 1972 Rail Weekly & MMTB City Section Ticket

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Of all the tickets discussed in this section, this one is probably the least known and hardest to find; either withdrawn or (especially) as a used example. Introduced on the 9th April 1972, these tickets were sold only from selected railway stations (Richmond to Lilydale and Belgrave inclusive) as both male and female issues. The latter was withdrawn following the discontinuance of all female weeklies from 2nd July 1972. While a good idea in theory, some people may have been reluctant to purchase them as they felt compelled to use the city section rides within that week. Regardless, the MMTB had effectively had this market covered since 1969 when they introduced the city section concession ticket offering 12 rides for the price of 10. These combined rail and city section tickets were withdrawn from the 4th October 1981.

The "State of Victoria" security printing on the front of the ticket was an interesting feature.
Actual size 88mm x 57mm

Extract from the Addenda to the September 1979 Passenger Fares manual.

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