The 1969 Rail - Bus Weeklies

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A total of 6 such tickets were introduced during 1969, half involving private operators and the remainder with the Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board bus services; a Government operation. A further 6 were intoduced during 1970, again half with private operators and the remainder with the MMTB. This entire series differed from other similar ticketing arrangements for the following reasons:
- The services to which they applied had nothing disinctive nor did they have any historical connections
- The tickets were introduced as a trial which suggests that operators involved were prepared to extend
the idea to the broader travelling public if results were encouraging
- The initial three tickets included travel on private bus routes, but on an unrestricted basis, thus
matching the availablity of the rail section of the ticket; something hitherto unheard of.

Extract from the 1968/69 VR Annual Report

An observation of the bus routes involved shows they were (in 1969) on the periphery of the metropolitan area and served mostly newer development. This was particularly so with the MMTB routes. Here then was a potential new commuter market that perhaps could be captured to public transport by offering convenient through ticketing arrangements.

Extract from the 1969/70 VR Annual Report after introduction of the full range

As far as is known, all these tickets remained on sale until superceded by the multi-modal based system introduced on 4th October 1981. We have shown the relevant sections of the Addenda to the 1979 Passenger Fares and Coaching Rates book to explain the availabilty of each of these tickets in "departmental wording". There may have been alterations to the length, and therefore number of sections, to some bus routes after 1979 that we are not yet aware of.

NOTE: Both male and female weeklies were originally provided for all tickets described here.
Seperate Female weekly tickets were abolished from the 2nd July 1972.

North Altona - Newport Operator: West Newport Bus Service
Ashwood - Glen Iris Operator: Ventura Motors Pty Ltd
Nth Croydon - Croydon Operator: Croydon Bus Service Pty Ltd
Warrandyte - Ringwood Operator: MMTB
Park Orchards - Ringwood Operator: MMTB
Bulleen - Heidelberg Operator: MMTB

Blackburn - Syndal Operator: Ventura Motors Pty Ltd
Alwyn Street, Mitcham - Mitcham Operator: Ventura Motors Pty Ltd
Mitcham to Nunawading via Vermont and Forest Hill Operator: Willis Bus Service Pty Ltd
Donvale - Mitcham Operator: MMTB
Nunawading - Blackburn Operator: MMTB
Doncaster East - Blackburn Operator: MMTB

MMTB Periodical Pass

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