Weekly Travelcard

Page last modified/checked: Friday, 20 May, 2005

NOTE: To avoid duplication we have shown only the rear of these tickets on this page.
The fronts are shown within the individual neighbourhood reviews.

Weekly travelcard was one of the most popular tickets in the range. It was the seven day version of the all day travelcard. Unfortunately, this meant that with the exception of the inner neighbourhood, there was no weekly travelcard provided for travel within the nine other individual neighbourhoods. This did nothing to encourage localised commuting over the majority of the transport network. On a more positive note, weekly travelcard could be purchased at any time and if issued after 3pm was dated to expire seven days from the following day but could be used immediately. On weekends it acted as a family travelcard across all ten neighbourhoods for up to 2 adults and 6 children under 15 years - good value!

With neighbourhood plus one weekly travelcard, the appropriate letter was punched to indicate the neighbourhood the customer was travelling into.

Weekly travelcard (and rail only weekly) also had some advantages for station staff. As they required only a single application of the date stamp, issuing and pre-dating tickets could be done with speed. The special sized ticket tubes made storage and retrieval much easier. Recalling the times; the majority of transactions involved only cash - credit/debit cards and cheques being few. This permitted a sale and return of change in only a matter of seconds, essential for getting through the Monday morning queue.