Rail Only Weekly

Page last modified/checked: Friday, 20 May, 2005

NOTE: To avoid duplication we have shown only the rear of these tickets on this page.
The fronts are shown within the individual neighbourhood reviews.

So far we have seen that the neighbourhood fare system consisted purely of a range of multi-modal tickets, but there were a few exceptions to be found. During planning for the neighbourhood system, it was acknowledged that for many people, their only ticket requirement was for the weekly rail commute to the city. For this reason, all six adjoining neighbourhoods had an identically priced rail only weekly to the city. The three outer neighbourhoods were similarly catered for, but of course at a slightly higher fare. Rail only weeklies were not colour coded, so were in stark contrast to the rest of the neighbourhood tickets. Again, when issued after 3pm they were dated to expire seven days from the following day, but could be used immediately. Most neighbourhoods had several suburban rail lines within their boundaries but rail only weekly was available on either. This was certainly not the case within the inner neighbourhood through which all of Melbourne's radial train services passed to reach the city. To account for this, the inner neighbourhood had 10 line-specific rail only weeklies, but even so, some of these were also available over several converging routes. This arrangement was short lived, as all were withdrawn during the fare restructure of the inner neighbourhood in 1984. This is detailed in its own section later, and these ten weeklies are shown in our review of the inner neighbourhood. The rear of one is shown below, along with a neighbourhood specific example.