The Inner-Outer Tickets

Page last modified/checked: Friday, 20 May, 2005

As originally planned, there was to be no 2-Hour Anywhere neighbourhood ticket, despite there being an Anywhere fare in the Daily and Weekly Travelcard ranges. It was proposed that for a journey through three or more neighbourhoods, the customer would be issued with the minimum combination of separate neighbourhood tickets, and the fare calculated on their total cost. For a short time after the new fare structure commenced, this is what actually occurred for journies starting within the adjoining neighbourhoods. It should be noted that irrespectively, railway stations were supplied with pads of 2 hour tickets for the nine other neighbourhoods outside their own area as extensions for other ticket types. However, this situation was offset for direct journies between the Inner and Outer neighbourhoods by the provision of a range of Inner-Outer tickets which are shown below.

It was recognised that multiple tickets would still have to be issued to most people undertaking longer journies through anything from 3 to 5 neighbourhoods - an inefficient arrangement indeed! For this reason, all railway stations held pads of 2-Hour tickets for the nine other neighbourhoods outside their own area. (These also acted as extensions for other ticket types). Shortly before November 13th, instructions were issued to staff that the Inner-Outer and Outer-Inner tickets would be available for travel in all neighbourhoods and that a 2-Hour "Anywhere" neighbourhood ticket would be provided from the accounting period commencing 11th December 1983. This duly occurred and the Inner-Outer and Outer-Inner tickets were all withdrawn, having had a brief life of only 28 days. With foresight, they need not have existed at all.