Anywhere Tickets

Page last modified/checked: Sunday, 10th August, 2008

The neighbourhood fare system was comprised mostly of tickets for travel within the individual neighbourhoods or various combinations of two adjoining neighbourhoods. Because of the complexity of the transport network, some form of ticket had to be provided to allow for unrestricted travel through any combination of three or more neighbourhoods. The solution was the anywhere ticket. This was a generic series that was spread across almost the entire range from 2 hour neighbourhood tickets through to 12 month periodicals. It is not surprising that sales of anywhere tickets were greatest on the three outer neighbourhoods. It should be noted that the anywhere concession all day travelcard had a dual role. It substituted for the lack of a concession neighbourhood plus inner, and neighbourhood plus one all day concession travelcard.

A 2 hour anywhere neighbourhood was not initially provided; this is discussed in its own section later but an example is shown below along with most other anywhere ticket types. The initial adult daily travelcard appears in the oddities section for reasons that are explained there. The fronts are also shown because these tickets will not be repeated elsewhere. The backs of anywhere tickets are included in the reviews of individual ticket types.