All Day Travelcards

Page last modified/checked: Wednesday, 01 June, 2005

NOTE: To avoid duplication we have shown only the rear of these tickets on this page.
The fronts are shown within the individual neighbourhood reviews.

Under the previous zonal fare structure, it had been a ticket called Travelcard which introduced the concept of all day, multi-modal travel. This ticket proved popular and was easily understood. For this reason, it was decided to retain the name "Travelcard" to identify the new range of all day tickets in the neighbourhood fare structure. This range however, was not a mirror image of its time based neighbourhood counterparts; and this was probably the first shortfall that transport users picked up on. Only the inner neighbourhood had its own all day travelcard. Within the other neighbourhoods, those travelling beyond the availability of a two hour ticket were forced to purchase another. For many thousands, this was a twice a day repitition. The rest of the travelcard range comprised the neighbourhood plus inner, neighbourhood plus one and an anywhere travelcard.

The neighbourhood plus one travelcards were elongated by a strip of letters on the left hand edge which were repeated on the face of the ticket corresponding to the relevent adjoining neighbourhood. The appropriate end letter was to be punched at the time of issue. These letters ran counter clockwise through the adjoining then outer neighbourhoods; the letter "I" was not used.