Bulk Issue Travelcards

Page last modified/checked: Sunday, 10th August, 2008

A new range of special purpose tickets commenced from the 1st of May 1988 that would have puzzled most collectors lucky enough to find a discarded used example. Known as bulk Issue Travelcard, this streamlined series of six tickets was provided specifically for issue by the M.T.A concession office in Bourke Street, City. They dispensed with the use of rail vouchers which had to be written out then exchanged for the required ticket at rail stations, tram or bus depots. At this point staff had to fill in the number, type and price of the ticket exchanged for the voucher which was then signed by the recipient. Bulk Issue Travelcards were available to participating government departments who operated a free travel scheme for their clients such as the former Commonwealth Employment Services (CES), Health and Community Services, Rehabilitation Centres and Australia Post. A special application form was provided to order Bulk Issue Travelcards as well as other metropolitan ticket types and country travel. The tickets could be obtained in person at the concession office or sent out by mail or courier. When the holder of a Bulk issue Travelcard commenced using their ticket it was presented for punch validation at a railway station or to a bus driver or tram conductor.

The outer travelcard is of interest as it was available within any one or all of the neighbourhoods shown on the ticket. The concession travelcard was strictly for use by children under 15 years of age. Given the circumstances under which Bulk Issue Travelcards were provided, a child would most likely have been accompanied by an adult.

It is known that bulk Issue Travelcards immediately did away with the special, blank, rail only edmondson card tickets used exclusively by the Commonwealth Employment Services. They were soon also responsible for the withdrawal,(June 30) of the pre-sold tram and bus single journey tickets supplied through the Bourke Street sales office, which itself all but closed on the 21/11/88. These special tickets are illustrated in the miscellaneous section.