Metcard - The Stony Point Machines

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The Stony Point service is currently (for some years now) operated by a diesel locomotive and dedicated MTH class carriages, usually two at a time but often with a third carriage locked out of use. It is a unique outer suburban line connecting with the electric train service at Frankston and running across the northern end of the Mornington peninsula to the hamlet of Stony Point, situated on the western side of Westernport Bay. There are approximately seven services each way daily. Many of the stations are at isolated locations, but considerable urban development has taken place between Frankston and Somerville. In more recent years, the few stations that remained opened for safeworking purposes have now been de-staffed. Because of these and other circumstances, it was considered more appropriate to install the machines on the carriages dedicated to the service. Strangely, the machines are coded "019" (the same code as trams) on the metal plate affixed to them, but the tickets themselves are prefixed "017". The machines differ from those fitted to the trams in being able to sell Daily, Off-Peak savers and 2 hour X 10 tickets. The machines were fitted during 1997 to the four MTH carriages on the Stony Point service. After this, they remained "out of service" until about the second week of November 1999, when they were placed on-line. Previously an on-board conductor sold the zonal paper tickets from the Met Fare System, amongst other duties. Since the 4th December 1999, the conductors no longer carry change for the Metcard machines, although they are still rostered on the services.

The following example is from machine number 019 2001 on-board MTH 102, along with both sides of the flyer advertising
"How to travel on the Stony Point line" and a photograph of a typical machine installation.

Machine 019 2001, Ticket 017 2001 (MTH 102)

Flyer freely available on board the Stony Point service

Typical on-board MVM installation


In conjunction with new metropolitan train timetables from Sunday 27th April 2008, the locomotive hauled Stony Point service was replaced by Sprinter railcars. These railcars are sourced from the general pool at the Spencer Street railcar depot so, unlike the MTH carriages which were specifically allocated to the Stony Point service, the railcars are not. The four ticket vending machines from MTH carriages therefore could not be placed in any of the Sprinter railcars. This has resulted in the absurd situation of customers being advised to purchase and validate their tickets after arrival at Frankston. For those travelling between intermediate stations, there is no longer even the opportunity to purchase a ticket! There are some Metcard retailers on the Mornington peninsula, however as the role of the conductors on the Stony Point line no longer includes any form of revenue protection they can only advise passengers on what their ticket purchasing options are. It was reported in the Herald-Sun newspaper that Connex had provided a leaflet to Stony Point passengers with similar advice. By early May 2008, cabling works and uprights for the myki system were noted in place between Frankston and Stony Point.