Pre-Encoded Ticket numbering

Page last modified/checked: Saturday, 27th November 2010
Initially, the aim of this section was to list as many different card prefixes and numbers as possible. The lists are based solely on the ticket examples we were lucky enough to find and or scan. Suffice to say, the listings for the 127 01001, 127 01002 and 127 01003 number groups show enough of the sequences the tickets were printed in to give a basic knowledge of this process. Further lists of this type were not continued with due to the sheer size of the task. Dates of issue were not shown as it is impossible to say when the individual tickets were distributed to the retail outlets, nor to know how long they may have lingered on shelves or in drawers before finally being sold. As a general guide, the dates of the earliest known use of a particular type will be found in the "fronts" section of this site.

Specific ticket types and/or numberings are shown for the remainder of the number group prefixes.

127 01001 numbering

127 01002 numbering

127 01003 numbering

127 01009 numbering

127 01010 numbering

127 01011 numbering

127 01012 numbering