Glossary of Terms

Page last modified/checked: Saturday, 2 March 2002

BOM Booking Office Machine - Located at Premium stations. All types of transactions are able to be carried out on a BOM. Identified on tickets as "065" fixed installation or "066" portable machine.
CSE Customer Service Employee - A person employed to assist passengers, check tickets and attend barriers as required.
Designator This is the letter/number code generally found on the mid/lower right hand side of all tickets which we believe distinguishes the different print runs. These designators did not appear all at once, but have "evolved" to encompass those shown on the list below.

The series of designators so far known are:

Blank (no designator)
Ma1, Ma2, Ma3, Ma4,   Mb1, Mb2, Mb3, Mb4,   Mc1, Mc2, Mc3, Mc4
M-a1, M-a2, M-a3, M-a4,   M-b1, M-b2, M-b3, M-b4,   M-c1, M-c2, M-c3, M-c4
M A, M B, M C
M A1, M A2, M A3, M A4,   M B1, M B2, M B3, M B4,   M C1, M C2, M C3, M C4.
MA 1, MA 2, MA 3, MA 4,   MB 1, MB 2, MB 3, MB 4,   MC 1, MC 2, MC 3, MC 4
S1,  S2
J-a1, J-a2, J-a3, J-a4,  J-b1, J-b2, J-b3, J-b4,  J-c1, J-c2, J-c3, J-c4,
J-d1, J-d2, J-d3, J-d4,  J-e1, J-e2, J-e3, J-e4,  J-f1, J-f2, J-f3, J-f4
Metcard The marketing name for all aspects of the Automatic Fare Collection system
MVM 1 The smaller of the two types of machines found at railway stations, it is coin-only. Identified on tickets as "017".
MVM 2 The larger of the two types of machines found at railway stations, it takes coins, banknotes and debit cards. Identified on tickets as "018".
MVM 3 Installed on-board trams and identified on tickets as "019".
A modified version of these machines, in regard to the tickets available, was developed specifically for the Stony Point rail service. The machine identification plate shows "019", whilst the tickets are actually issued showing "017". Both machines are coin-operated.
VALIDATE The actual process of "enabling" the Metcard to be recognized as valid for use. After purchase at a railway station (either from an attended booking window or ticket machine), the Metcard is inserted into the free standing, small silver validator located near the platform entrance (see VAL 2 below), or placed into the automatic fare gate (see VAL 3 below), where the expiry details are printed on the top of the rear of the ticket. On board trams, the validation is automatically carried out by the vending machine at the time of purchase, for the journey on board that vehicle only. Persons already holding a ticket are required to validate on first boarding the tram (see VAL 1 below). On busses, the ticket may be validated by the driver, or if a passenger validates, the ticket must be inserted into the green validator (see VAL 1 below) located at the entrance of the bus. This validation process is to be carried out for each journey, or whenever the mode of transport is changed, even after the initial validation at the start of any journey.

VAL 1 Metcard Validating Machine type 1.
Fitted to trams, buses and the Stony Point MTH carriages, and originally installed at a small number of stations prior to the installation of full automatic fare gates.
VAL 2 Metcard Validating Machine type 2. 
Located at rail stations not fitted with barrier gates.
VAL 3 Metcard Validating Machine type 3.
Incorporated into the barrier system for access and exit from platforms.