60 Plus Complimentary Metcard

Page last modified/checked: Tuesday, 28 June, 2005

In 2000, a sole example of a pre-encoded 60 plus metcard hand-stamped "DEPARTMENTAL" was found. Since May 2002, further examples have been found but hand-stamped "COMPLIMENTARY". These tickets are issued to Seniors Card holders travelling to Melbourne on V/Line country off peak services on Monday to Friday, or who purchase a weekend saver fare on Saturdays only. The Seniors are entitled to receive a 60 plus metcard, which gives them free metropolitan travel for one full day on the day of arrival. Arrangements similar to this have existed since the introduction of the 60 plus ticket in 1989, however, at that time, separate country (Edmondson) and suburban (thin card) tickets were supplied. This probably continued until the full rollout of the metcard system occurred. At some point after this, country stations were supplied with pre-encoded 60 plus metcards, which could only be distinguished from metropolitan issues by one of the overstamps described above. In our opinion the COMPLIMENTARY overstamp identifies the ticket to barrier and ticket checking staff as having a legitimate reason for not being validated when first presented for use in Melbourne. There would also be a general requirement that any ticket issued free of charge could be identified as such.

From early 2004, examples of these 60 plus tickets have been found with the wording "Complimentary Not For Sale" printed diagonally across the top half of the face of the ticket. This seems to indicate that this is an on-going arrangement.

This example found during early June 2005 has the latest "Seniors Daily" wording.