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This chapter fills the gap between the end of the neighbourhood system in 1989 and the total implementatiom of Metcard in 2002, at which time the last traces of the paper and card tickets described here were swept away.

The consistant activity in this chapter occured in the early 1990s after which there was relative calm until automatic fare collection became a reality for Melbourne between 1996 and 1998. This chapter is arranged chronologically, unlike the others, as this was the only practical way to describe the major changes and numerous minor occurances once a zonal fare structure had been re-established in 1989.

* It should be clearly understood that this fare structure had no connection with that which had been in use during 1981-83.

Some of the ticketing options that are now taken for granted had their origins during this period of review. Most notable was the establishment of the retail ticketing sellers network from 1989 providing "off system sales". With this came the infamous scratch tickets which were soon embroiled in what became known as the "MetTicket fiasco"; a culmination of ill thought and poorly implemented transport ticketing policies. By the time the Kennett Liberal party gained power from the Kirner administration in 1992 the zonal fare structure had become a suitable candidate for automatic fare collection however our concern here is with the various paper and card tickets that came and went before this as well as the numerous forms of publicity asssociated with them.

As well, we also acknowledge the string of promotional and special purpose tickets that were consistant during the mid to late 1990s. Lastly, as time permits we may provide some additional information on the lead up to the privatisation era from 1999 and perhaps an explanation and small gallery of who the private franchisees were.

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