Contacting the ATTCA

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The Australian Ticket Collectors Association was formed during 1986 with the purposes of encouraging the preservation of transport tickets in general and publishing a periodic newsletter to record past and present ticketing news . This newsletter was (and still is) known as "Ticket News". The name of the Association was altered to The Australasian Transport Ticket Association in March 1987. The Association was incorporated in the state of Victoria in August 1987, with an "Inc." added after the name. In August 1998, the name was again changed to the "Australian Transport Ticket Collectors Association".


Membership forms are currently available from:

PO Box 313
Kingsgrove NSW 1480

or from the ATTCA web page

Membership runs from the 1st July to the following 30th June and is currently $25.00 per year.

Please note: the ATTCA and this web site are NOT in any way associated.

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