Weekly Pass

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The T-Way weekly pass is unique as there is no equivalent within the Sydney Buses ticketing range.

There are three types based on two zones - the North zone (indicated by a purple bar at the top of the ticket) extends from Parramatta to Prairiewood.
The South zone (indicated by a blue bar at the top of the ticket) is from Prairiewood to Liverpool.
The North+South pass (indicated by a yellow bar at the top of the ticket) allows travel across both zones.
Adult tickets have a white base and the concession tickets have a grey base.



No image of Concession North + South weekly available as yet
Standard bus validation on back

The North+South pass was given out free on T-Way opening day as an incentive for people to try the new service over the week for which it was valid. The rear of one of these tickets is shown at left and is used here to reflect the standard details on the back of these weekly passes.

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