2004 - Orange CityRail/Bridge design

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This is the first TOM/ATOM issue with the RailCorp business name (shown at the top left hand edge).

There are two print runs of this design, the T-01-04 and T-08-04.
The sequence of the print runs was split by the T-06-04 150 years design.

Designators Ja1 to Ja3, Jb1 to Jb3, Jc1 to Jc3 and Jd1 to Jd3 are found on both designs.
The major difference between the two is that the T-01-04 has the designator midway down
the left hand edge, whilst on the T-08-04 the designator is along the lower right hand edge.


T-01-04 (Ja)

T-01-04 Jb series page



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