CityRail Off Peak promotional ticket

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Approximately 50,000 of these free Off-Peak tickets were distributed throughout Parramatta and surrounding districts over the weekend of the 13-14th June 2010. In the words of the Transport Minister: "These tickets are to enable us to better utilise off-peak services and encourage first-time users to give public transport a try. No extra services are being added to accommodate these passengers. Trains run to and from the city throughout the day, and often services outside peak hour have plenty of seats. CityRail has commenced a trial in Parramatta and surrounding suburbs to encourage people who might not ordinarily catch public transport to give it a try in the middle of the day, when passenger numbers dip." Capacity between 9am and 3.30pm was about 35 per cent on services from Parramatta to the City.

These tickets were printed on M-01-10 card with individual ticket numbers on the rear.


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